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Re: CD-ROM Device File

Success at last!

After fiddling around with a USB CD-ROM drive that just did not spin up when attached to the ttylinux live syste, despite being designated /dev/sda as a USB device, I decided to go back to the ${SOURCE_ARCH} issue. It seemed that such a variable was not defined correctly in the ttylinux-installer script somehow. I took a wild guess and assumed that in my case, as I'm installing the i486 version of this operating system, the variable would be i486. So I overcame my dislike for the "vi" text editor, and manually replaced all instances of ${SOURCE_ARCH} in the /sbin/ttylinux-installer script with "i486." This was all done in addition to all previous steps mentioned. Finally the installer finished correctly.

I am not sure if there was an error in the installation script, or merely an issue with my particular system wherein the architecture was not detectible; however, I am fortunate to have discovered the solution in case this problem is ever seen again. (I would be surprised, I found no other mention of the SOURCE_ARCH variable being undefined, or the variable at all.)

Regardless, thank you for your assistance.
— Jörgen Albrechtslund III

On Friday, May 10, 2013 11:21:59 PM UTC-5, Jörgen Albrechtslund III wrote:
I redid the entire process, this time I remembered to manually copy over "packages" "logs" and "qemu-i486.sh" from the source to the flash drive; apparently this was not done automatically. I got the same error in the end, minus "no such file or directory" on /tmp/ttylinux/cdrom/packages.

On Friday, May 10, 2013 10:54:42 PM UTC-5, Jörgen Albrechtslund III wrote:
I have made yet another attempt, and this time I was closer to success. However, there appears to be a new problem...

I used an extra workstation to copy the bootable i486 system to a USB flash drive. (Actually, I first tried using a 2GB SD card for lack of a flash drive, which proved to be disastrous.) That was a slight challenge, but I somehow accomplished the feat. I then booted the VAIO (PCG-SR33K) with the PCMCIA-attached CD-ROM drive, seeing as it does not boot via USB and has no floppy drive. After booting into the live system from the CD-ROM, I noted the device files of my drives: /dev/hda for the internal IDE hard disk, and /dev/sda for the USB flash drive. Then, I invoked the installer like so: "ttylinux-installer -m /dev/sda1 /dev/hda1."

The process appeared to go well until the step after "i> Mounting ttylinux CD-ROM on /dev/sda1 ... OK"
> "ls: /tmp/ttylinux/cdrom/packages: No such file or directory
> /sbin/ttylinux-installer: line 241: SOURCE_ARCH: unbound variable
> i> Installing ttylinux distribution packages.
> /sbin/ttylinux-installer: line 247: SOURCE_ARC: unbound variable
The installer then existed with exit code "1," having copied seemingly nothing to /dev/hda1, and leaving no bootloader ("Operating System Not Found").

Any suggestions from here? Was the flash drive not set up correctly?