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PCMCIA Network Access

Now that I have gotten ttylinux installed on this unfortunate little laptop, my next challenge is acquiring some sort of network access.

There is no onboard Ethernet, only a 56k Winmodem. There is one PCMCIA slot which I can affirm does work as I have used the PCMCIA-based CD-ROM drive successfully. I have a grand assortment of PCMCIA cards: modems, 10/100 LAN adapters, 802.11b and 802.11g cards, &c. Unfortunately I seem to have misplaced the box containing the majority thereof; however, I still have with me one 10/100 LAN adapter and two 802.11g cards. I only intend to use two in the end.

The issue is, none of these cards even receive power when attached. I have tried inserting the cards before or during POST, but the power LEDs do not illuminate.

I read a forum thread about the use of PCMCIA wireless cards with ttylinux, and I admittedly understood little of it with the limited context supplied. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could suggest some general troubleshooting to get at least one of these cards working initially so I can have network access to download further packages, &c. (Eventually all I need is one 802.11g card to work, and I should have several more if I can locate them. If it is easier to get one of the 10/100 LAN adapters to work, I can deal with that temporarily.) At least I can use the USB flash drive to transfer packages to the laptop, so if there is a package of firmware or a kernel module, I would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction.

— Jörgen Albrechtslund III