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Re: [ttylinux:376] Re: CD-ROM Device File

On 05/10/13 22:16, J�rgen Albrechtslund III wrote:
Success at last!

After fiddling around with a USB CD-ROM drive that just did not spin up
when attached to the ttylinux live syste, despite being designated
/dev/sda as a USB device, I decided to go back to the ${SOURCE_ARCH}
issue. It seemed that such a variable was not defined correctly in the
ttylinux-installer script somehow. I took a wild guess and assumed that
in my case, as I'm installing the i486 version of this operating system,
the variable would be i486. So I overcame my dislike for the "vi" text
editor, and manually replaced all instances of ${SOURCE_ARCH} in the
/sbin/ttylinux-installer script with "i486." This was all done in
addition to all previous steps mentioned. Finally the installer finished

I am not sure if there was an error in the installation script, or
merely an issue with my particular system wherein the architecture was
not detectible; however, I am fortunate to have discovered the solution
in case this problem is ever seen again. (I would be surprised, I found
no other mention of the SOURCE_ARCH variable being undefined, or the
variable at all.)

Regardless, thank you for your assistance.
� J�rgen Albrechtslund III
At the root directory in the CD-ROM image there is
a file named "LABEL"; this file is created when the
CD-ROM image is created. The installer shell script
(that you changed) sources this file, which means it
interprets the LABEL file as shell script, and that
sets the information about the CD-ROM-resident
ttylinux system. The file named "LABEL" should have
been copied from the CD-ROM to the USB flash drive.

When you copied the CD-ROM contents to a USB flash
drive, using a Linux system, it should have been a
simple "cp -a /mnt/cdrom /mnt/flash" command, but
using whatever directory names for the mounted CD-ROM
and USB flash drive.

Anyway, if it is running: good job hacking.