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Re: [ttylinux:381] make dist can't get past ntfs-3g_ntfsprogs-2012.1.15

On 05/15/13 08:36, Steve Valliere wrote:
I downloaded the ttylinux build kit yesterday.  The cross-compiler built
without a hitch, but the "make dist" process keeps crashing with an
error while building ntfs-3g_ntfsprogs-2012.1.15.  Here are the last few
lines from the relevant (I think) log:

***** stripping
stripping bin/lowntfs-3g
stripping bin/ntfs-3g
stripping lib/libntfs-3g.so
stripping lib/libntfs-3g.so.83
stripping lib/libntfs-3g.so.83.0.0
stripping sbin/mkfs.ntfs
stripping sbin/mount.lowntfs-3g
stripping sbin/mount.ntfs-3g
stripping usr/bin/ntfs-3g.probe
stripping usr/bin/ntfs-3g.secaudit
stripping usr/bin/ntfs-3g.usermap
stripping usr/bin/ntfscat
stripping usr/bin/ntfscluster
stripping usr/bin/ntfscmp
stripping usr/bin/ntfsfix
stripping usr/bin/ntfsinfo
stripping usr/bin/ntfsls
stripping usr/lib/libntfs-3g.so
No such file
stripping usr/sbin/mkntfs
stripping usr/sbin/ntfsclone
stripping usr/sbin/ntfscp
stripping usr/sbin/ntfslabel
stripping usr/sbin/ntfsresize
stripping usr/sbin/ntfsundelete
##### Making Package File List
ERROR ***** missing "usr/lib/libntfs-3g.so"
=> in
ERROR ***** missing "usr/lib/libntfs-3g.so.83"
=> in
ERROR ***** missing "usr/lib/libntfs-3g.so.83.0.0"
=> in

I've tried messing with the link that
pkg-cfg/ntfs-3g_ntfsprogs-2012.1.15/bld.sh creates for the first missing
file by changing the line to read

${_lnk} ../lib/libntfs-3g.so.83.0.0

but that didn't help.  I also tried linking to ../lib/libntfs.so and to
../lib/libntfs.so.83 with no better results.  I don't actually need any
ntfs capability in my final ttylinux image, so I'd remove it if that is
safe and I knew HOW.  (I'm building the big 486 config mostly to get
ncurses and readline in the system I'm going to use for testing some OLD
code on newer (but still quite old) hardware.)

Any help that allows my build to proceed would be appreciated!
I would really like to know what is in your
ttylinux-build/sysroot/usr/lib directory after that
error happened; knowing that could help a lot.

The easiest thing to do is remove that package from the build. Edit the
ttylinux-build/config/platform-pc_i486/pc_i486-bigconfig file;
make line #68 be a comment by putting # in the first column. After
that, that part of the file should look like:

# TTYLINUX_PACKAGE[i++]="ntfs-3g_ntfsprogs-2012.1.15"

Now, back in the ttylinux-build directory, do "make getcfg",
select the right number, then "make dload". And then try
"make dist" again.

I am rebuilding my big i486 and will try to figure
what happened to your build.

Any time you get the current git repo something might not
work, but I am a little surprised because I've been working
on the big i486 build.

Side note; I will be pushing new updates soon. (FWIW I've
added a few build process fixes and dvtm+dtach, ircii, nano.)