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Re: ttylinux end-of-life

Hmm, maybe I was a bit harsh.

I think my assessment of ttylinux is right: its use seems
to be winding down, and its build system is too big for the
original concept of ttylinux and too limited for what I
actually want.

So there are two things to be confused: ttylinux
distributions are one thing, and the ttylinux build
system is another.

ttylinux (as a distribution):
I was mixed-up with the dates of service of the
web site; the web site will be good until
September. But why not keep it? It can
languish will I work my new project. If I make a
new Linux build system, then it can make a
ttylinux distribution or equivalent, and I can
throw it on the web site.

ttylinux build system:
It is End Of Life. I have a few fixes to
make. But if someone wants it then git clone
it now; I might get bored with it and deleted it

The new build system is my new
project. It is not ttylinux, but it might make
ttylinux. The nature of ttylinux and its original
build system affected my approach to
maintaining the old ttylinux build system. I
think the new design will be more conducive
to participation. I still have my minimalist
approach, but this build system will have
less of a size (and other) constraint than I
previously had for the old ttylinux build
system. Because of size and pure
simplicity I never before considered using
autoconf or kbuild or... But now they
are in the new build system. The new
build system will have a new name,
not "ttylinux", and a new (github?) repo,
and maybe a new group. I prefer a better
mailing list, but...