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Re: want to maintain the old ttylinux

***** Anyone with similar ideas needs to read this ENTIRE post.

So, that wasn't a good response, but I haven't been as clear as I
should have been, even to myself.

First, direct responses to your post:

1. "first get some professional help": is a hint that the task may
not be sensible, said with odd humour.

2. You said unnecessary to the silly part and to "then see the
ttylinux repository". The critically important part is "then see
the ttylinux repository". If you don't think so, then you don't
understand, and that may be my fault.

3. You say "take care of old ttylinux builds". You can have
those any time and do anything with them. Don't ask me, just
download them any time. They are old builds, they are the
previous version of the ttylinux distributions. I can make more
old ones available to you, and their source code ISO images,
because you can't redistribute the binary distributions
without making the source available. Maybe you meant to say
something other than "take care of old ttylinux builds".

4. Your email address might be from someone I don't trust or
like. It seems a bit scary to me. Help me get beyond that

Now the part that everyone with similar ideas needs to read:

There are two things:

1. ttylinux builds, the actual distributions as downloadable
boot images. Everyone and anyone: get them and do what
you want with. Don't ask me, just do it. My plans are to
make new ttylinux releases of newer revisions some day,
just like other projects do. I someone wants to be the new
maintained of ttylinux and be responsible for making new
releases, and relieve me of that task, you have some
strong convincing to do; continue reading for more about
that. Just know, I am not _planing_ to stop making ttylinux
distribution releases; I do have a plan for how I want to
make the next ttylinux releases (it may not be what you

2. The ttylinux build system: I am done with, apart from
any simple fixes someone needs. That thing is available
for someone to take and keep working, if you want to.
BUT there is a problem with that idea which I didn't think
about, even though it is obvious. Lets say Joe wants to
maintain the ttylinux build system. That build system
has the name "ttylinux" all over it, and it makes a Linux
distribution with "ttylinux" all in it. How can I make future
ttylinux releases if someone else is maintaining this
old ttylinux build system that cranks out a Linux system
with the word "ttylinux" all through it? There are two
possibilities: a) Jill takes it and renames everything in
it to some other name, like "ptylinux", which I almost did
because it is a better name (think about pty vs tty), or
b) Joe takes over ttylinux and makes the next revisions
of the distributions and I go fishing. Now I will describe
what needs to be done in each case.

a) Joe takes and renames everything about the ttylinux
build system: go do it and I'll delete my ttylinux build
system repo. I make future ttylinux releases with some
other means, because I am done with that build system.
No one needs to talk to me about, except to tell me that
they have re-hosted the build system and I can delete
mine. If you do this, I'll try to answer question about it
as you learn it.

b) Jill wants to be the next maintainer of ttylinux. In this
case I have some responsibility to make sure the new
maintainer can get the job done before I abandon the
project. I gave an effort to show that I had an interest,
that I could do the job, and keep the "simple" approach
when I took over the project. I expect the same from a
next maintainer. So I put forth this task to anyone that
wants to take the responsibility of future revisions
of the ttylinux bootable distributions:

The ttylinux build system is in a github repo here:

I git, I've started a branch named "x_2013a"; this
branch improves the internal cross-tool chain
builder, xbuildtool; it was to be used to build the
next revision of ttylinux. This branch is not finished.
There is a bug when building alsa-utils with a
cross-tool produced from this branch of xbuildtools,
I think for the i486 cross-tool chain build. The bug
is something weird, like libc not found. Your task,
if you want to be the next ttylinux maintainer is
to download, or git clone this ttylinux build system
repo and send me patches that fix and completes
the x_2013a branch. I will help with any advice,
design information, knowledge transfer, etc. You
do not need to use git, but you need to retrieve the
ttylinux build system from its github repo. Each
patch sent to me must be small and specific,
use 'diff -Naur', and have a a short text header
describing the patch and a "signed-off-by" line.
If you cannot fix and complete that branch, then
you are not capable of maintaining the ttylinux
build system, and therefore not capable of
maintaining ttylinux itself.

On Jun 19, 4:40 am, AbdulMoeed Raja wrote:
> Hi all,
>       After doing what was unnecessary (the requirements that were posted
> on the site " first get some professional help, then see the ttylinux
> repository") I have decided to
> take care of old ttylinux builds. The point is that you never know when you
> might need a less better system. If still some more unnecessary
> requirements remain please let me know.