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Re: [ttylinux] Re: want to maintain the old ttylinux

On 06/25/13 01:38, AbdulMoeed Raja wrote:
Ok maybe my post was a little offensive to you. I admit sorry for that.
So no offence , chill up dude. Seriously believe me I really got that
"professional help". and I still want to maintain ttylinux in the future
, plus I would also want to get all those previous builds of ttylinux
.So what you think ?
Previous Revisions (bootable run-time and build systems):
The previous releases total 6.6 GB. I have no place
to host them. If you have some place to which I can
upload them I'll do that; you can email me directly about
where and how to upload.

Current Revision:
Just go get them at

To maintain future releases see my previous post; it
wasn't a rant, but it is the process. I'll summarize:

Option a)
Take the current build system and rename everything
from ttylinux to ... (ptylinux?)  You don't even need
to talk to me about it; just do it.

Option b)
Email patches to me, in the way I described, that
complete the x_2013a branch. This is a start, there
are a few fixes that I can guide someone through.
I'm not going to abandon the project to someone who
hasn't shown that he can do the job; this is
appropriate and fair to the current users.