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Re: [ttylinux] Re: New Virtio ttylinux Platforms

On 07/23/13 02:04, Scifer Blake wrote:
Good day all.

I just tested 16.2 486, found that there is an issue with the
installation script.
I get the following

i> Installing ttylinux distribution packages.
***** Installing ttylinux-486-16.2
i> Installing ttylinux distribution data [/ttylinux] ... DONE
i> Copying ttylinux kernel ....... cp: can't create
'/tmp/ttylinux/target/boot/': Is a directory

If this version intended for installation.

Btw, I'm running using VMPlayer 5. IDE drive at 1GB.

I tested all other 16.1 versions on the same setup.
Thank you.

Yes, there is a problem with this with the
new 16.2 release. The organization of the CD-ROM
is different from earlier versions; this is from
switching to a new build system. The installation
script hasn't been updated for the changed CD-ROM
organization. My bad. Sorry.

I am working on fixing this...