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Re: [ttylinux] TTYLinux 16.2 Installation fix

On 08/07/13 03:36, Scifer Blake wrote:
Hi everyone.

I have been battling with this 16.2 for a few days trying to get the
installer to work properly and found a solution.
I believe 486 16.1+16.2 is built using the new building system, so going
forward, you can alter the following lines in the installer
"ttylinux-installer" to fix the install issue for 486, not tested on
other platforms.

line 242
local plist=$(ls ${CDROM_PATH}/packages | sed -e "s/-${SOURCE_ARCH}.tbz//")
change to
local plist=$(ls ${CDROM_PATH}/pkgbin | sed -e "s/-${SOURCE_ARCH}.tbz//")

line 254
change to

line 495+496
sed -e "s#%TTYLINUX_BOOT_DEV%#${LILO_DEV}#" -i "${TARGT_PATH}/etc/lilo.conf"
sed -e "s#%TTYLINUX_ROOT_DEV%#${LILO_DEV}#" -i "${TARGT_PATH}/etc/lilo.conf"
change to
sed -e "s#%CROSSLINUX_BOOT_DEV%#${LILO_DEV}#" -i
sed -e "s#%CROSSLINUX_ROOT_DEV%#${LILO_DEV}#" -i

as you can see, the changes are very slight.  The new packages dir is
"pkgbin" and not the older "packages".
As for the bootloader, the variable was changed to "%CROSSLINUX" and the
older was "%TTYLINUX"

I hope this contribution will help.

ps. I have little linux experience, I just started a few months ago ;)

Yes, this should work fine.

I am re-working this and some other scripts
to work for other crosslinux builds, but looks
like all you need to get going with v16.2

Good job figuring it.