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Re: [ttylinux] TTYLinux 16.2 Installation fix

Thank you.

I have been looking for a smaller version of Linux for such a long time and found TTYLinux.  I then switched from running my Squid server on Debian Squeeze and Debian Wheezy to TTYLinux and the performance gain was noticeable.  I changed a few startup scripts, and the server is using "7.4mb" of RAM once booted with Squid Server running.  Obviously this number increases over time as the server handles requests.  This Crosslinux version is running a tad bit lower after all alterations have been performed and boot a bit faster.  !!! GREAT JOB !!! you guys are doing.

Kind regards

On Thu, Aug 8, 2013 at 5:45 AM, Douglas Jerome <[email protected]> wrote:
On 08/07/13 03:36, Scifer Blake wrote:
Hi everyone.

I have been battling with this 16.2 for a few days trying to get the
installer to work properly and found a solution.
I believe 486 16.1+16.2 is built using the new building system, so going
forward, you can alter the following lines in the installer
"ttylinux-installer" to fix the install issue for 486, not tested on
other platforms.

line 242
local plist=$(ls ${CDROM_PATH}/packages | sed -e "s/-${SOURCE_ARCH}.tbz//")
change to
local plist=$(ls ${CDROM_PATH}/pkgbin | sed -e "s/-${SOURCE_ARCH}.tbz//")

line 254
change to

line 495+496
sed -e "s#%TTYLINUX_BOOT_DEV%#${LILO_DEV}#" -i "${TARGT_PATH}/etc/lilo.conf"
sed -e "s#%TTYLINUX_ROOT_DEV%#${LILO_DEV}#" -i "${TARGT_PATH}/etc/lilo.conf"
change to
sed -e "s#%CROSSLINUX_BOOT_DEV%#${LILO_DEV}#" -i
sed -e "s#%CROSSLINUX_ROOT_DEV%#${LILO_DEV}#" -i

as you can see, the changes are very slight.  The new packages dir is
"pkgbin" and not the older "packages".
As for the bootloader, the variable was changed to "%CROSSLINUX" and the
older was "%TTYLINUX"

I hope this contribution will help.

ps. I have little linux experience, I just started a few months ago ;)


Yes, this should work fine.

I am re-working this and some other scripts
to work for other crosslinux builds, but looks
like all you need to get going with v16.2

Good job figuring it.

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