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Re: [ttylinux] Building on Debian; no libntfs-3g.so.84.0.0

On 08/09/13 18:07, Erik Uri wrote:
I was trying to build ttylinux so I could include some additional
busybox features; but I couldn't seem to get libntfs-3g.so.84.0.0 :/

anywhere I can download it from? I'm building on debian 7.0.0 net
install w/o desktop environment.

I'll try the crosslinux installer next.

So this must be for ttylinux i686 or x86_64, yes?

I am not sure what means "to get libntfs-3g.so.84.0.0"; do
you mean you cannot download the source package?

The source package is this:

The source package builds into some binaries including: