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Re: [ttylinux] 2 kernel layer questions ..

On 09/01/13 06:53, Mohammad Badie Zadegan wrote:
Hi ,
I want to enabling PKTGEN kernel module on ttylinux, How could i that?
How could i compile my own kernel (with PKTGEN) on ttylinux (step by
Thanks for your hints.
Of course you mean CONFIG_NET_PKTGEN

Which ttylinux? i486, i686, x86_64, mac_g4, ...??

If you are using ttylinux i486 then you will need
to build this into the kernel, not as a module.

The first step is to get the ttylinux build
system and rebuild your ttylinux version from

For building ttylinux i486

For building other ttylinux

If you can rebuild your ttylinux then I can
help you change the kernel config; that is the
easy part.