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Re: [ttylinux] Remastering the TTYLinux image stuck at make dist (busybox)

On 01/11/14 20:19, Loy Tak Mem wrote:
Hi everyone,

I trying to get the uDHCPd setting enable inside the TTYLinux. I follow
the instruction here at "http://blog.thewulph.com/?p=323"; and alter
slightly because I am using Ubuntu 12.04 rather than Debian Lenny.

I added a symlink from genisoimage to mkisofs

alter the script under


I choose x86

follow thru, then
make dload - OK
make dist - stuck at busybox, left it for whole night. No result.

alt-f2 , i grep for the busybox. I only see its

make -f

is there a simpler method to get the dhcp lease feature enable ?

Thanks in advance.

This is confusing.

What do you mean by "I choose x86"? What specifically did you chose
for 'make getcfg'? Did you chose '4) pc_i486-defconfig'?

There are log files in your
/tmp/djerome-ttylinux-5ece876/ttylinux-build/var/log directory;
there will be one from building busybox. I need to see that file.

There should be no need to do any sort of 'make oldconfig' if
you properly changed the bosybox config file; you really do not
want to manually run that sort of command because you already
have changed the config file.