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Re: [ttylinux] Re: Remastering the TTYLinux image stuck at make dist (busybox)

On 01/11/14 21:10, Loy Tak Mem wrote:
I try running the script indivdually as

# make -f makefile silentoldconfig
This command is used to generate a busybox build
config file.
To make a new
/tmp/djerome-ttylinux-5ece876/ttylinux-build/pkg-cfg/busybox-1.21.0/bbox-stnd.cfg :
Either run a busybox 'make oldconfig' command outside of the
ttylinux directory structure and copy the new config
file to be the new bbox-stnd.cfg file
just edit the bbox-stnd.cfg file
It is confusing to talk about doing both of these things.

and the script was waiting on me give input on the option enable DHCP
relay or not .. (Y/n)

I went back to the screen which was "hung" there, press Y and press
enter .. it sorta continue.

But now continuing I have error from ntfs3g
We'll look at that after you are correctly getting past the
busybox build.