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Re: [ttylinux] Re: Remastering the TTYLinux image stuck at make dist (busybox)

What I think you should do:

1st do "make clean"

2nd make sure the pkg-cfg/busybox-1.21.0/bbox-stnd.cfg
    file has the contents you want.

3rd "make getcfg" and select 4, then "make dload" just
    to remake the package list file.

4th "make dist"

5th If there is a failure in a build step, find the
    specific build log file in var/log and email to me.

I did the steps 1st through 4th above and had no problem
with the modified bbox-stnd.cfg file.

Be aware that the new busybox UDHCP programs will NOT
be in the new ttylinux runtime. If you can correctly
get this far, then I'll explain how to get the files
into the runtime ISO.

On 01/11/14 21:10, Loy Tak Mem wrote:
I try running the script indivdually as

# make -f makefile silentoldconfig

and the script was waiting on me give input on the option enable DHCP
relay or not .. (Y/n)

I went back to the screen which was "hung" there, press Y and press
enter .. it sorta continue.

But now continuing I have error from ntfs3g

On Sunday, January 12, 2014 11:19:56 AM UTC+8, Loy Tak Mem wrote:

    Hi everyone,

    I trying to get the uDHCPd setting enable inside the TTYLinux. I
    follow the instruction here at "http://blog.thewulph.com/?p=323
    <http://blog.thewulph.com/?p=323>" and alter slightly because I am
    using Ubuntu 12.04 rather than Debian Lenny.

    I added a symlink from genisoimage to mkisofs

    alter the script under


    I choose x86

    follow thru, then
    make dload - OK
    make dist - stuck at busybox, left it for whole night. No result.

    alt-f2 , i grep for the busybox. I only see its

    make -f

    is there a simpler method to get the dhcp lease feature enable ?

    Thanks in advance.

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