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Re: [ttylinux] Re: Problem with dual networks in Virtualbox


Thank you for your reply.
I attached a screen shot of the CloudStack console. It does not allow copy/paste so all I have is a png.
Network interfaces look good and once I properly route all traffic through the eth1's gw I can ping google.
So I have a work around and this is not a road block for me.
It's just that I tried every thing I could think of and it's just something that should work.

PS: thank you for tty. I've always looked for a really light distro with basic networking capabilities and having this taking 80 MB HDD and 20 MB RAM is a joy :-D

Have a great day,

On Saturday, February 15, 2014 8:29:14 PM UTC+2, djerome wrote:
On 02/14/14 07:44, Cosmin Cimpoi wrote:
> Hello,
> I am also having an issue with /sbin/route del and add on boot.
> I tried adding the comamnds to rc.local but it doesn't work.
> Also adding the rules to ifup-eth1 does not work.
> I have a CloudStack VM that gets 2 NICs, one internal and 1 external and
> I need to route all traffic through the external NIC so I can ping to
> the internet.
> Cosmin
> On Tuesday, September 25, 2012 10:30:01 PM UTC+3, Rolf Strand wrote:
>     I am trying to setup ttylinux in virtual box with two network cards.
>     I have ttylinux installed on a virtual hard disk.
>     My WinXP PC has two network cards.  One is connected to a network
>     with DHCP and the other to a local network with static IP:
>     In the virtualbox I have the:
>          network card with DHCP set to NAT
>          network card with static IP set to bridged
>     This setup is working well with Ubuntu, I am trying to get it
>     working with smaller system image.
>     In ttylinux:
>     If I bring up just eth0 in DHCP mode DNS resolution works and I can
>     send and receive to the the internet.
>     If I bring up just eth1 with static IP, I can send and
>     receive on the local network.
>     If I bring up both eth0 and eth1 the traffic on eth0 stops.
>     Any idea what I need to do to get both working?
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First, sorry to everyone: I split all my time these days between
busy family and 50 hour work weeks, I'm just not having much time
for ttylinux... it always looks like it will be better in a week
or two...

Cosmin, I will do what I can to help you, please be patient. I need
to know exactly which version of ttylinux you are using.

Also: I hate hate hate the newer Google Group interface. I cannot
find things. Maybe I am too lame. But I hate that thing. I hate hate
hate it; I cannot find the thread that has this post. Maybe in another
10 minutes.... Damn damn damn I hate Google Groups.

Cosmin, look in /sys/class/net, you can use this bash command in

      l /sys/class/net

How many ethernet interfaces? If there is only one, then the kernel
is not seeing two network interfaces, and that will be an issue
different than if there are two interfaces.

I am no clear what means internal and external interfaces; maybe
one is a virtual LAN in the cloud and one is accessible from outside the
cloud. This shouldn't matter to the kernel, which I want to verify
that it is finding both interfaces.

For now, I will assume that the kernel is finding both interfaces
(but you need to check and let me know) and I will try to have
another answer about how to configure them after some research on
my part.


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