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Re: [ttylinux] Digest for [email protected] - 2 Messages in 2 Topics

Nice! Thanks.
Sent: Sunday, March 09, 2014 4:51 AM
Subject: [ttylinux] Digest for [email protected] - 2 Messages in 2 Topics

Group: http://groups.google.com/group/ttylinux/topics

    djerome <[email protected]> Mar 08 11:53AM -0800 

    ttylinux pc_i486 version 16.3 is released.
    Version 16.3, Fri Mar 7 21:47:43 MST 2014
    - built from crosslinux-0.0.2, not the previous ttylinux build system
    - distribution named "bloevil"
    - Linux kernel: changed from to
    - updated from busybox-1.21.0 to busybox-1.22.1
    - updated from dropbear-2013.58 to dropbear-2014.63
    - updated from e2fsprogs-1.42.8 to e2fsprogs-1.42.9
    - updated from lilo-23.2 to lilo-24.0
    - fixed /sbin/ttylinux-flash
    - fixed /sbin/ttylinux-installer


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