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Re: Really need telnet client

Oh... 9.1 is old.
I think a binary from ttylinux 8 (used glibc-2.8) won't work on ttylinux 9 (uses glibc-2.9), but nothing bad will happen from trying it.
If I get some time I'll make a telnet package for ttylinux-i486 and make it available on the website; it still uses glibc-2.9 so it should work. I'll respond in this thread if I get a chance to do it, hopefully this weekend.

On Friday, March 14, 2014 4:32:28 AM UTC-7, Richard Walker wrote:
Hi. Really need a telnet client in ttylinux but don't think I can work out how to do this without guidance. Can anyone help, please?
I'm using 9.1 - would going to 8 help as it looks as if telnet was removed from busybox with release 9. And if so, where can I get a binary of 8 and can I downgrade on the fly on a remote machine?

Sorry if these are silly questions :-(