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Re: [ttylinux] Anyone able to get VirtualBox sharing to work w. ttylinux guest, ubuntu host?

On 05/17/14 21:12, Lew_Rockwell_Fan wrote:
Have any of you gotten sharing to work between a ttylinux guest on a
ubuntu host?

I go through the motions trying both automount and manual but it never
works. If anyone know how it can be done I'd appreciate any instructions
or advice you can offer. Thanks for reading.

Which ttylinux? Are trying to do this in the RAM Disk or
from ttylinux installed on a hard drive?

A VBox host-guest shared directory requires using a VBox
kernel module in the guest, as far as I can tell.

The first step is to mount the VBox Guest Additions CD
image and install. See under the VBox "Devices" menu; it
is the last item. Then run the installation program which
will compile the VBox kernel module(s). This will fail
until you find the kernel source and put it in the right
place. I have never tried this so I do not know if it
will work.

I always use scp to transfer files between VBox host and