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Re: [ttylinux] Have anyone used netperf in ttylinux?

On 06/11/14 22:40, Shen Lin wrote:
在 2014年6月12日星期四UTC+8上午9时26分06秒,djerome写道:

    On 06/10/14 02:10, Shen Lin wrote:
     > Hi,
     > I want to use netperf in ttylinux while I tried 2.5 and 2.6..
     > the netperf did not work although the compiling of the codes
    yields no
     > errors.
     > Who can tell me why?

    I am really curious: how did you compile it
    for ttylinux? In ttylinux did you use ldd to
    check its dynamic dependencies?

Thank you for your caring.
No, I did not use ldd yet but I try ldd this time and it shows no error.
It says


I downloaded the netperf-2.6.0 then configure, make the netperf.
Study the above exchange for a good example of
how to not answer a question that someone is
taking the time to ask only to help you.

Did you really use ldd in ttylinux? If you did
how did you get linux-game.so.1 as a satisfied
dependency? Because that is not in ttylinux.

When I asked how you compiled netperf, I meant
to ask for information more than: I configured
then make it, because I think anyone already knows
that. Maybe you should have just said "I compiled

What OS and GCC version did you use to compile
netperf? Did you compile it in ttylinux? Did you
compile it on a Fedora host? Maybe Ubuntu. Which
GCC version?

If you compiled netperf on some other host, like
Ubuntu, you need to consider if that configure-make
process uses things on the host that ARE NOT IN
ttylinux, like linux-game.so.1  Or you need to more
fully explain what the heck you have done to ttylinux
so I can actually help.