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Re: [ttylinux] Have anyone used netperf in ttylinux?

On 06/15/14 22:29, Shen Lin wrote:
I am so sorry for my rudeness. Thank you for your patience.
I mistook the linux-gate.so.1 for linux-game.so.1.
I am using the ttylinux-pc_i686-16.1 .Gcc version is 4.6.3 and make is
3.82. Yes, I compiled it in ttylinux.

OK, this helps much. What does the program do
after you built it on the i686 ttylinux? Does
it give any errors at all?

I can try building and running it, now that I
know what you are doing. I might get to try
this tomorrow. I'll let you know what happens.