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Re: [ttylinux] Hi Douglas

hi pablo,

How do you compile all those? With what
compiler on what host?

Sorry, I have no clear idea why mcabber
would crash like that, but if it and the
other programs and libs were built outside
of the ttylinux crossbuild system then
they might have some foreign host build
system contamination...

In terms of a program's run-time environment,
you should think of this ttylinux as
a glibc-2.9-based system, not so much as a
busybox-based system.

mcabber may have a problem with the old

ncurses source is needed to
make ttylinux-i486, but all that is used
are some of the term files for busybox vi.
I probably should make that more clear on
the ttylniux-i486 page.

FYI  I am just now overcoming some hardware
issues and just switched to Debian 7.6.0
I will have new ttylinux i486, i686, x86_64
releases "soon", like I hope a week or two.