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Re: [ttylinux] Hi Douglas

On Saturday, September 20, 2014 6:49:51 PM UTC, djerome wrote:
Oo, that's a lot of work with curious outcome. /libexec or
/usr/libexec is a common place to keep helper programs and
loadable modules; perhaps mcabber is using something from
one of those places.

This is where I would start adding printf's into the mcabber
source code to find out where it bombs.

Yeah, I gave up the old ttylinux build system, the download
rate is down, and I get little email about it. It seems to be
dying a slow death...

So the problem wasn't with ttylinux, after all. It's a stable, nice starting point for many applications and it's a shame that, as you say, it is not appreciated more.
Unfortunately, the i686 version takes too much space/RAM memory. I can run this custom i486 filesystem on a 32768 KB ramdisk and takes about 50 MB RAM to boot, with all the program specific to my needs (I don't care for sound in this sort of application).

I have a question for you. Why were the ttylinux-16.3-i486 programs (bash, dropbear, etc.) compiled with GLIBC_2.8 and not GLIBC_2.9? Just curious to know.