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Re: [ttylinux] Hi Douglas

On 09/21/14 09:25, pablo wrote:

On Saturday, September 20, 2014 6:49:51 PM UTC, djerome wrote:

    Oo, that's a lot of work with curious outcome. /libexec or
    /usr/libexec is a common place to keep helper programs and
    loadable modules; perhaps mcabber is using something from
    one of those places.

    This is where I would start adding printf's into the mcabber
    source code to find out where it bombs.

    Yeah, I gave up the old ttylinux build system, the download
    rate is down, and I get little email about it. It seems to be
    dying a slow death...

So the problem wasn't with ttylinux, after all. It's a stable, nice
starting point for many applications and it's a shame that, as you say,
it is not appreciated more.
I've tried wikipedia and distrowatch, but the articles get
deleted and rejected. I guess without a graphical front end
it isn't "notable".

Unfortunately, the i686 version takes too much space/RAM memory. I can
run this custom i486 filesystem on a 32768 KB ramdisk and takes about 50
MB RAM to boot, with all the program specific to my needs (I don't care
for sound in this sort of application).
The crosslinux build system that I made to make ttylinux can
build more packages than I put in the released ttylinux-i486.
I encourage you to use it and help make more build scripts so
all of the ttylinuxs (and any other branded crosslinux-made
system) could also use them.

I have a question for you. Why were the ttylinux-16.3-i486 programs
(bash, dropbear, etc.) compiled with GLIBC_2.8 and not GLIBC_2.9? Just
curious to know.
... I don't know how that could happen. Looks like I'll be
dorking around with, er investigating, the x86 ttylinuxs
for a while before I get back to the BeagleBone.