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Re: [ttylinux] Hi Douglas

On Sunday, September 21, 2014 6:27:04 PM UTC, djerome wrote:

Gaaa. I thought Jeff's answer didn't apply; I thought
this was all on one machine.

Well, that's why the ttylinux google group is here.

These sorts of problems are why I made the ttylinux
cross-build system. You might please consider using
it and maybe I can add some of your build scripts to
the project:

Thank you Jeff, again.

Sorry for not having made it clearer from the start, I have been compiling the programs on a P4 machine, but ttylinux gets mostly used on a P2 laptop. There have been no problems whatsover, doing this, with all programs except mcabber.

An update. Configuring with --build=pentium2 takes care of what Jeff has suggested (getting to -march=pentium2). The problem is that in order to do that with mcabber, the same has to be done for all its dependencies (libotr, loudmouth, glib, gmp, nettle, gnutls, libgcrypt), otherwise compilation fails. So, I have recompiled all those programs configuring them with --build=pentium2. But now there are even more problems, because by so doing the /usr/bin binaries get very much bigger, huge in fact (perhaps it has something to do with compiling for a P2 CPU on a P4 machine) and, not only that, for some reason I can't fathom, when building with --build=pentium2, the libraries get compiled strictly as static even when the parameter --enable-share is given. This causes additional problems for the programs in the filesystem that look for those libraries in shared form. And last but not least, glib refuses to compile as strictly static when configuring with --build=pentium2 forces it to do so.
So, I think I'm giving up on the idea of running mcabber on the P2 laptop.

Douglas, regarding your suggestion that I use the ttylinux cross-build system, I did give it a try a few years ago when I was working on ttylinux-9.7, but I have to say I didn't quite understand how to make it work. I can certainly try again in the near future if it's not a too steep learning curve for me to do so. Does the tarball contain all that is needed with some basic instructions on how to do it? Unfortunately, I have no experience whatsoever with that sort of thing.