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Re: noobie on ttylinux - using putty to ssh from win 7 host to ttylinux in qemu

I've used qemu quite a bit with ttyllinux.  Here's my command line:

qemu-system-x86_64w -L bios -net nic,model=ne2k_pci -net user,hostfwd=tcp: ttylinux-i686-14.1.qcow2

This is a from a windows .bat file, but the same thing should work on a Linux distro.  -net nic gives the ttylinux kernel some network hardware to use.  -net user sets up a simple network interface to your host's network, hostfwd sets up your host's 2346 port to forward to ttylinux's port 22; with that, you can ssh to your ttylinux vm with something like this:

ssh -p 2346 localhost

-net user provides a dhcp server, so the ttylinux network config works 'almost' out of the box; you need to set enable=yes in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0

On Friday, October 24, 2014 1:30:55 PM UTC-6, Paul Gydos wrote:
I found ttylinux in my quest to find a command line linux to learn some of the basics of vi, and the command line in a virtualized environment. I've only been using ttylinux for a few days and I've really enjoyed it. Thank You!

I managed to deploy ttylinux virtio i486 in QEMU using the default qemu-system-i386 and was able to figure out how to make a persistent install on a .qcow drive which I prepared using ttylinux-installer applied to a qcow image I prepared using a Gparted Live CD running in Virtualbox (made a Partition Table, an ext3 partition with a boot flag).

I deployed this virtualized and persistent ttylinux on a Win7 32bit machine and now I'm hoping to SSH into it from my Windows Host using Putty into the QEMU Virtualized ttylinux Guest.

I have read section 4.5 of the ttylinux documentation and whatever else I could find using the goog and I can seem to get anywhere - I'm really new to everything I'm doing and I need it all explained to me with the assumption that I have some kind of minimal brain function. 

To give you an idea of where my abilities lie - it has taken a number of months of most of my attention to figure out how to deploy QEMU on my machine and learn its basics, to make a persistent install on a virtual hard drive of a very small command line linux. So I need hand holding. Here is some more information about what I've tried to understand so far.

I usually use something this command to launch ttylinux from the appropriate directory

qemu-system-i386 -hda my_own_ttylinux.qcow 

do I need to launch qemu with certain criteria? trying to get dropbear help using 

dropbear --help | more 

doesn't seem to pipe it into more because it scrolls to the last page

if I'm generating a key with

dropbearkey -t rsa -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa.db

then I can't tell because it scolls out fast to the same last page of the help options and I can't
see if there was any output and cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.db shows no file there

I found a file at /root/ssh-host-rsa-key.pub that would seem to be what I'm really looking for? but I don't know - I'm looking through Putty settings and I don't know where I would put a public key code 
or if that file has the key in it which part of what I read when I cat ssh-host-rsa-key.pub is the key anyway, if I even have the right file.

I'm completely lost. Is my host name going to be ???

Thank You for your help in advance,

Paul Gydos