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Re: [ttylinux] Adding RAID drivers

On 10/29/14 11:24, Jim wrote:
Okay, I've rarely (a long time ago) built my own kernels and I've been
using ttylinux for some time now as the OS that I net-boot (PXE) on new
machines to image/clone them.  My latest effort however has a Dell RAID
controller that the stock ttylinux doesn't recognize, so my question is,
do I need to build my own and configure the modules into the kernel or
build them as modules and load them in using modprobe? I've not played
at all with the build system so if someone has instructions they can
point me to on this it would be greatly appreciated.


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The only way I would try this is to use the ttylinux
build system to build the kernel and modules and have
the modules load when the system boots.

The i486 ttylinux has an older kernel and may not
support your hardware.

Which ttylinux are you using?

The ttylinux build system is not for beginners, but
I'll engage in endless direct email support with anyone
that tries it, as long as they answer the questions I
ask so I can actually help.