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Re: [ttylinux] tree command

On 01/15/15 02:05, Gareth Martin wrote:
Hi Douglas,

I really appreciate you getting back to me, hopefully my students will
too (-;

I'm able to see the i686 file in http://ttylinux.net/addons.html.  I'm
assuming that tree-1.7.0-i686.tbz
<http://ttylinux.net/Download/tree-1.7.0-i686.tbz> is the tree package.
No, I am not able to successfully upload it; it isn't
really there, yet.
Yes, that is the package that you will want to install.

The requirement for the kids coursework is to install a program called
TREE from the command line and explain in full how they did this and how
they overcame any problems they encountered.
Good! They can either find the original source
package and download and build and install that,
or get it from the add-on that I can't yet upload
and install that with ttylinux pacman.

Should I have a go at installing tree-1.7.0-i686.tbz
<http://ttylinux.net/Download/tree-1.7.0-i686.tbz> using the pacman
command?  Or is this not the correct file?
Oh yes, this would be the easiest way; there
is a single pacman command that can download
it and install it (once I actually can get it

Douglas Jerome