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Re: [ttylinux] tree command

On 01/13/15 04:31, Gareth Martin wrote:
Hi Douglas,

We're using i686 and the school has a network, but I'm not sure if the
ttylinux ISO was installed over the network.  It may have been done
manually.  Will this make a huge difference?
Doesn't matter how it was installed.

I tried to upload the tree package as an add-on
but something is wrong and I can't upload
small binary files.

I could upload small ASCII files and large
binary files, so you can (finally) see new
x86 family ttylinux releases at

When I am able to upload the add-on
packages I'll let you know and give you
the command for installing the tree
package. Or you can have the new
ttylinux-i686 installed.


Douglas Jerome