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Announcement! Startling News, or maybe not so Startling


Read this ==> http://ttylinux.net/

I have been the ttylinux maintainer since
November 2008. That is basically over. I
plan no more updates.

The ttylinux website that has the ttylinux
distributions and the ttylinux.com, ttylinux.org,
and ttylinux.net domain name registrations
will be gone in early October. Download what
you want now.

I will be deleting my GitHub account soon; I
guess the repo for the crosslinux build system
that makes the ttylinux distributions will remain
but be abandoned.

This google group also will be deleted in

Sorry for the short notice.

I hope someone steps in and does ttylinux
updates and maintenance. I will answer any
emails and give what guidance I can. I will
provide historical releases to anyone that
gives me a place to upload them.

There is no big reason for this; there are
a number of small reasons:

o  It has become more than I can do
    in the time I can make for it. Wifi
    and newer kernels take more work to
    learn and maintain than I want to spend.

o  A cross-build tool chain needs to be
    built in order to build each ttylinux distribution.
    Originally, I was crazy and made my own.
    Now the ttylinux build system uses crosstool-ng
    to build the cross tool chains, but that
    system doesn't support re-distributable
    componenets, which I need to avoid
    legal problems. I don't want to spend the
    time to re-patch newer crosstool-ng builds.

o  Personal interests: My father recently passed
    away (death comes with every life, I'm not looking
    for sympathy); as the oldest sibling I've spent a
    lot of time sorting through Mom's garage and
    some of my own stuff, to find the things that
    should to appropriate folks in the family. I've found
    my high-school-days electronics lab stuff and
    various equipment I and my dad had. He was an
    RF / Analogue electronics guy. I boxed up
    my stuff when I started college in 1980 and
    haven't touched it since. I have a wonderful
    Dynaco ST-70 stereo amplifier, FM tuner,
    blah, blah. It's time to start where I left off
    and re-cap the WWII era short wave, make a
    vacuum tube preamp for the FM tuner and
    Dynaco power amp.... build a new workbench
    in my garage for my big-ass Craftsman King
    Seeley drill press that was my dad's and his
    dad's before that.

I am not meaning to be so personal or
embarrassingly faux grandiose, I just want
you to know that is is my interests and abilities
that are diverging from ttylinux. It is time
for someone else to take care of it, or let
it die out.

Chop wood, carry water